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about ngb

Our Story

Our story began in December of 2016 when I created a website to promote the study of naval history. Whether by political correctness or video game logic, history is becoming obscured.

I believe that history is neither good nor bad, but  I sought to create a place where people can learn about and discuss naval history. To cut through the haze of uncertainty and discover the pure purpose of history.

The site has evolved several times over the months, but the mission has remained the same.


Our Goal

The goal of Navy General Board is simple. A place to study strategy, ship design, and past battles in greater depth.

Naval history spans many centuries, from nimble triremes of ancient Athens to the gigantic supercarriers cruising the oceans today.

I set out to create a website where people can learn about naval history in a new environment. Where serious authors can rub elbows with current sailors. Where former veterans can share their stories with those who have never been on a naval ship.

I believe that every piece of history is important. From detailed blueprints to simple stories of daily life aboard warships. So I built this website to record as much of it as possible.

It's hard to say where we are going, but I can say with certainty that we are growing. All of our successes are getting channeled back into the website to make it even better.

I have big plans for the future and this website is the foundation upon which a great amount of naval history will be built upon.


The Ultimate Goal

For various reasons, history appears to be on a decline. It has lost the importance that it once had. I have a hunch that one major reason is that it is boring and that it has to be made interesting to reestablish interest. I believe the best way to do that is to put people in a position where they are not just learning it, but there are inside it. The best examples are preserved warships found throughout the United States. Anyone can talk about the battleship North Carolina or read about it in a history book. However, when people get to actually roam about the ship and touch it with their own hands, they learn just how incredible it is. It reinvigorates their interest.

So I want to create a museum that surpasses all others. One that lets people experience history first hand, putting them right in the middle of it. Encompassing naval, ground, and air combat from past to present. Each of these areas will house recreations of some of the most incredible fighting machines found throughout history. Simply put, I want people to be wowed beyond belief.

Some pieces will be real just like any other museum. However, for some of the biggest items, recreations will have to be made. Some will be static models, others will be fully functional pieces.

The greatest piece of this museum will be a recreation of a Montana class battleship. Not only will it be the flagship of the naval forces wing of the museum, it will be the flagship of the museum as a whole. It will be a seagoing extension of the museum, acting as an ambassador of sorts. When not moored at the museum, it will travel across the globe as a mobile showpiece. Something bigger than the drivable tanks of Bovington and more accessible to people than the flyable B-29 of the commemorative air force. Not only that, but it will also set a record of largest battleship. Can anything be cooler than the breaking of that record at a time when battleships were thought to be antiques.