Alaska-class (Fictional Battlecruiser Version)

alaska-class (fictional battlecruiser version)

The real-world ships of the Alaska-class were officially designated as Large Cruisers, & since some regard them as Battlecruisers due to their size, I decided to make my own model of the Alaska-class on what it would look like (In my point of view) as a battlecruiser.

alaska-class (fictional battlecruiser version)

alaska-class (fictional battlecruiser version)

So as a Battlecruiser, its typical for them to be more armed than armored. For that, here are its specifications:


12x 12in 50cal/Mk8’s in 4×3-gun turrets
20x 5in 38cal in 10 twin-gun turrets
17x Quad 40mm AA mounts (estimated) plus more smaller caliber guns (not shown in model).


As for its statistics:

820ft (Waterline), 830ft Overall, 92.2ft Beam, 33ft Draft(Normal), 34.74ft Draft(Max)

Armor is basically the same as the Alaska in real-life:

Main belt at 9″, thinning to 5″ at the ends, with a 4.5″ armored deck, boxed over the machinery & magazines (I decided to go with the “All-or-Nothing Scheme” since I don’t know what armor scheme the IRL Alaska-class was using.

As for the machinery:
Oil-fired steam turbines providing 151,161 shp,driving 4-screws, pushing it at 31.1 knots.

Range of 12,500nm at 15 knots.

33,416t Standard

39,091t Full load


Numbers provided were crunched from Springsharp, a program I use when I design my ships. Anyway, this is how I designed the Alaska-class as a Battlecruiser. What do you think?

Here is a link as well to my gallery of ship designs I created, though I haven’t made anything new yet though.

And here’s the link of the ship’s design process. LINK


  1. It’s about time to build a fleet of these Alaska class battleships also don’t forget the big guns the 16

  2. 1954 the north was saber rattling , with shakeup alliance between Great Britain and the USA , the CSA and her German an Argentinian allies had no choice but to threaten commerce raiding again , so they drew up the 20 thousand ton CSS sharpsburg. Any ideas and flight is an impossibity for man.


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