The Ship Collection

Magellan Class Destroyer (1945)

My design for a Destroyer from the late Second World War. Called, the Magellan class, I based it on the German Zestorer 1945.   Magellan Class Destroyer Length – 400′ Beam – 40′ Draft – 14′ Displacement – 2700 tons Speed – 35 knots Armament: x8 5″ guns x4 55mm AA guns x24 20mm AA…

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Super Battleship Arizona: What If Design

My first major design. I have come a long way since then. This was simply a “what if” design. The what if being that the US navy decided to drink the Yamato¬†punch and make a battleship of enormously huge proportions. Basically, I took elements of: A super sized Montana Gave it 18″ guns A longer…

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