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Collection of articles on naval history, strategies, and design. 

is there room for nuclear propelled surface ships

Is there room for nuclear propelled surface ships?

By Matthew Wright | Aug 22, 2017

Is there room these days for nuclear propelled surface ships? Times have moved on from the Cold War and the mind-set of the 1950s when nuclear was ‘in’ – when even nuclear powered family cars were proposed. Atomic cars never eventuated, but nuclear-propelled ships and submarines did. The main motive was range: naval tacticians didn’t…

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the decline of the light aircraft carrier

The Decline of the Light Aircraft Carrier

By Chris Knupp | Aug 18, 2017

       During the Second World War, aircraft carriers established themselves as the major naval power. While the power of these warships is well known, the various types of carriers are not. Supplementing the giant fleet carriers were smaller aircraft carriers known as light carriers. Cheaper and easier to produce than their larger brethren,…

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project 1047

Project 1047 – the Dutch cruiser-killers of 1939-40

By Matthew Wright | Aug 12, 2017

The fastest battlecruisers ever seriously contemplated were the Dutch ‘Project 1047’ class of 1939-40. War prevented their design being finished, but they are fascinating examples of what could have been. They had their origins in the naval challenge the Japanese posed by the late 1930s to the sprawling Dutch East Indies. By this time Japan…

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were the schanhorst class battleships or battlecruisers

Were the Scharnhorst Class Battleships or Battlecruisers?

By Chris Knupp | Aug 10, 2017

The Scharnhorst class were the first major capital ships built by Germany since the First World War. However, their design was interesting and rather different compared to warships from other nations. They had incredibly thick armor, on par with the battleships used by other navies. They were also fast vessels, able to steam at speeds…

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Scenario- Gulf of Azteciland

By JohnPJones | Aug 9, 2017

Ok some backgroud, you are procuring naval platforms to secure your island nation of Eden Island. You have three bays each capable of being the home of warships. Windward Bay is on the SE of the island is capable of supporting shallow draft vessels only, Paradise Bay is on the NW side near the Straits…

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top 10 biggest battleships

Top 10 Biggest Battleships of All Time

By Chris Knupp | Aug 7, 2017

Pinning down the top 10 biggest battleships of all time is a tricky business. Over their careers, battleships were modified in ways that drastically affected their displacement. Some ships saw massive increases in displacement. In this article, I will attempt to list the largest battleships based on their full load displacements. These figures shake up…

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Battlecruisers – both over-gunned and under-armoured

By Matthew Wright | Jul 30, 2017

We popularly envisage ‘battlecruisers’ as heavily armed but badly armoured – trading speed for protection. That criticism was particularly levelled at Britain’s first ships of the type, which emerged from the same Committee on Designs that produced the Dreadnought in the first months of 1905 and, in essence, created the battlecruiser as a type, although…

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hms dreadnought

HMS Dreadnought – the case for propaganda over engineering

By Matthew Wright | Jul 9, 2017

It’s just over 110 years since HMS Dreadnought sailed on her first shake-down cruise under Captain Reginald Bacon. She was a remarkable battleship in many ways, one whose name became synonymous with all battleships during the First World War period, and whose design concepts set the pattern for every battleship that followed in many ways.…

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the US Navy's frigate Problem

The US Navy’s Frigate Problem

By JohnPJones | Jul 5, 2017

The USN has a problem. That problem is a gap in capability as a result of a lack of frigates. Currently the USN has only one commissioned frigate, and it is out of date by approximately 200 years, and is currently in dry dock. Some jobs don’t justify using a destroyer, or cruiser when that…

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