Magellan Class Destroyer (1945)

magellan class

My design for a Destroyer from the late Second World War. Called, the Magellan class, I based it on the German Zestorer 1945.


magellan class

Magellan Class Destroyer

  • Length – 400′
  • Beam – 40′
  • Draft – 14′
  • Displacement – 2700 tons
  • Speed – 35 knots


  • x8 5″ guns
  • x4 55mm AA guns
  • x24 20mm AA guns
  • x10 Torpedoes
  • x4 Depth Charge Racks


magellan class


The Magellan class destroyers were designed in response to new destroyers coming into service in foreign navies, primarily the Allen M. Sumner class of the US Navy and the Akitsuki Class of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Experiences with Kamikazes had shown that lighter AA weapons were not able to adequately stop aircraft. Heavier firepower was needed which led to rapid development of 55mm AA guns and greater numbers of dual purpose weapons.  To make better use of the dual purpose mounts, the magellans carried two directors when most other destroyers used only one. These destroyers were able to put up a devastating amount of heavy but accurate firepower. Supplementing their cannons in the anti-surface role, they also carried twin quintuple launchers with the heavy 24″ torpedo.

Anti-submarine capabilities were provided by four depth charge racks. As the war went on, some ships received launchers for rocket propelled depth charges and depth charge throwers.

The drawback of these vessels was their lower speed compared to contemporary ships as well as their predecessors. However, it was believed that individual ship actions would become less common and that combat would primarily be fought in fleets.

150 ships were planned. However, only 75 were completed or close to completion when the war ended. Of those ships, 6 were lost and 2 were written off due to damages. Post war, these ships saw service for three decades and several were sold to foreign navies. They hold the distinction of being the last destroyers that were not flush decked as well as the last to carried a heavy torpedo armament.

magellan class

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