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Push for Naval Escalation.

By JohnPJones | Sep 10, 2017

The US is pushing a proposal within the UN Security Council to allow the USN to seek out, stop, search, and redirect, North Korean ships carrying, crude oil, petroleum, and natural gas by all necessary measures The proposal would allow all UN member nations conduct non-consensual searches of North Korean flagged vessels. Why is this…

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the return of modern light aircraft carriers

The Return of Modern Light Aircraft Carriers?

By Chris Knupp | Aug 22, 2017

Just recently, the Navy’s newest supercarrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford, was brought into active service. Nine more sister ships are expected to follow along behind her over the coming years. While the Navy is firmly committed to its larger fleet carriers, the US government seems to be pressing for more variety. The Senate Armed…

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america's latest carrier cannot launch aircraft

America’s Latest Carrier cannot launch Aircraft

By Chris Knupp | Jun 11, 2017

The latest Gerald R Ford class aircraft carriers incorporate a multitude of new technology. One of the most radical changes was the introduction of a new aircraft catapult system. Since the Second World War, carriers had utilized a steam driven catapult system. The new Ford class carriers will use an electromagnetic catapult to launch aircraft. …

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Resurgence of the Russian Navy

By Chris Knupp | May 30, 2017

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russian Navy was left in a state of decay for over two decades. Lack of money meant that they could not afford to keep pace with other nations. Money was generally spent launching smaller ships designed for coastal defense. However,  their appears to be a naval resurgence…

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newest lcs passes trials

Newest LCS Passes Trials

By Chris Knupp | May 24, 2017

The USS Omaha,  sixth ship of the Independence class and twelfth ship of the LCS (littoral combat ship) type has just passed acceptance trials.  Acceptance trials are demonstrations performed by the builder for the customer (in this case the US Navy) to show that the vessel is up to par and ready for service. What…

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