Newest LCS Passes Trials

newest lcs passes trials

The USS Omaha,  sixth ship of the Independence class and twelfth ship of the LCS (littoral combat ship) type has just passed acceptance trials.  Acceptance trials are demonstrations performed by the builder for the customer (in this case the US Navy) to show that the vessel is up to par and ready for service.

What is an LCS?

USS Omaha is a member of the Independence class ships. They are smaller, faster warships designed to operate in coastal regions. The ships are capable of reaching 40 knots thanks to powerful engines and a light build. Designed to be multirole warships, they can fulfill a variety of roles including combat, escort, anti-piracy operations, and transport. They are armed with a 57mm main gun, anti-air missile launcher, and a small compliment of machine guns. The ships also carry a large flight deck and can operate a variety of helicopters.

Originally, the program was under fire for cost overruns and design issues. However, continued development has apparently smoothed out issues and the entire program has gotten on track. The USS Omaha will make a fine addition to the United States Fleet.


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