Push for Naval Escalation.


The US is pushing a proposal within the UN Security Council to allow the USN to seek out, stop, search, and redirect, North Korean ships carrying, crude oil, petroleum, and natural gas by all necessary measures

The proposal would allow all UN member nations conduct non-consensual searches of North Korean flagged vessels.

Why is this important?
Well there are several reasons, it shows that that surface fleets in naval powers are not obsolete and still have a role in supporting diplomacy and national policy. It could result in an immediate return to full blown war time hostilities with North Korea, as a possible violation of the armistice that was signed. If history is any clue, it could result in North Korea actually launching an attack against the US, or it’s allies in an attempt to show that North Korea will not back down, which may again lead to a return to full blown wartime hostilities, as this move could have a very similar effect on North Korea, as the US embargoes pre-WWII had on Japan.

I just saw this news maybe five minutes before beginning this article, I will attempt to follow this and provide further updates and developments.


Being a slightly rushed article I have some after thoughts.
Who would actually be conducting these boardings? As it currently stands the Navy’s VBSS teams are pretty poorly trained. They go to a one or two week long school, then back to their ship. Follow up training of the team as a whole is up to each CO, and really only happens during work ups for deployments.
The VBSS teams aren’t even supposed to or expected to non-compliant boarding operations.
So will the DoN place a specific teams of Marines on board small decks, or designate a few vessels to conduct the blockade and send SEAL teams to do the boardings?
What dangers are present in such operations?
The Navy has had several collisions, that show a merchant vessel can take a DDG out of the fight with a nudge, so there’s always the possibility Kim Jong Un orders his ships to ram any vessel that attempts to stop and board them.
Currently ships at sea are pretty easy targets for this, but what if Kim chooses to put a crate of small arms on vessels and/or a fire team-squad sized contingent of soldiers or marines on and handful of the vessels?
2 or 3 soldiers with RPGs are fairly dangerous to a ship putting RHIBs in the water, and a dozen or so guys with submachine guns even antiquate ones could be very dangerous to who ever is boarding


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