Scenario- Gulf of Azteciland


Ok some backgroud, you are procuring naval platforms to secure your island nation of Eden Island. You have three bays each capable of being the home of warships. Windward Bay is on the SE of the island is capable of supporting shallow draft vessels only, Paradise Bay is on the NW side near the Straits of Eden, and is capable of supporting large escort type ships, Eden Bay is on the SW side and is capable of supporting any ship size put to sea so far, and is just N of the Dominion Shelf a large very shallow area between Eden and the island nation The Republic of the Dominion, the Shelf is about 25ft deep on average. The Straits of Eden (SoE) is only 20miles wide at it’s widest point shore to shore, and deep enough for outbound and inbound traffic of all sizes, with the nation of Mangrovia to the N.

You have $10billion to procure vessels, including aircraft to protect your island and territorial claims. All vessels and aircraft must have been deployed or made it past the prototype stage (i.e. no Zumwalt, but US laser defense system is A-ok)

the mainland nation of Azteciland is the aggressor, and shows a desire to become a world power. They have recently been harassing vessels within international waters, and it is widely believed that pirate/maritime terrorism is either being sponsored by Azteciland, or directly conducted by their special operations forces to disrupt the economy of Eden Island. Mangrovia to the N is friendly, but the Republic of the Dominion to the SW is friendly towards Azteciland. There is no reason to believe any other nations will get involved on either side of the dispute.

Known Azteciland forces.
1 Moskva Class Helicopter Carrier

3 Type 052C DDGs

4 Admiral Grigovich FFGs

5 Buyan Corvettes

8 River Class OPVs


12 MiG19s

4 MiG25s

10 Hueys

8 Cobra Attack Helicopters

4 Hind Attack Helicopters


(The AF has no naval specific weapons, ASMs, torpedoes, sono-buoys, etc.)

Gulf of Azteciland
(Please forgive the poor artistic skills)


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