Warship Designs

A collection of community created warship designs spanning from real to fictional, old to new. 

Need to take a break from the articles and news sections? We have you covered with our new warship design area. This section is for those to kick back and have some fun by submitting their own warship designs.

Designs can be real or fictional, new or old. Any form of media is alright as well. Anything from paper and pencil to computer designs are allowed.

You can submit your designs to the contact page. One of the admins will publish your design. Feel free to include a backstory, design details, or any other relevant information.

In the future we will implement design contests so keep an eye out for that!

magellan class

Magellan Class Destroyer (1945)

By Chris Knupp | Apr 9, 2017

My design for a Destroyer from the late Second World War. Called, the Magellan class, I based it on the German Zestorer 1945.   Magellan Class Destroyer Length – 400′ Beam – 40′ Draft – 14′ Displacement – 2700 tons Speed – 35 knots Armament: x8 5″ guns x4 55mm AA guns x24 20mm AA…

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Super Battleship Arizona

Super Battleship Arizona: What If Design

By Chris Knupp | Jan 19, 2017

My first major design. I have come a long way since then. This was simply a “what if” design. The what if being that the US navy decided to drink the Yamato¬†punch and make a battleship of enormously huge proportions. Basically, I took elements of: A super sized Montana Gave it 18″ guns A longer…

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