Super Battleship Arizona : A “what if” Model

super battleship arizona

The super battleship Arizona , My first major design. I have come a long way since then, both in detail and in the sense of realism.

This was simply a “what if” design. The what if being that the US navy decided to drink the Yamato punch and make a battleship of enormously huge proportions.

Basically, I took elements of:

  • A super sized Montana
  • Gave it 18″ guns
  • A longer Iowa Style Bow
  • Shortened the superstructure into a design more like that of the proposed Iowa rebuilds in the late 1940s.

So what are the statistics for the super battleship Arizona?

Length: 1025′

Beam: 155′

Draft: 38′

Displacement: 90,000 tons

With about 220,000 shaft horsepower the ship can manage 28 knots and has a range of 15,000  nautical miles.


12x 18″/48 Guns

20x 6″/47 Dual-Purpose Guns

40x 3″/50 RF Anti-Air Guns

80x 20mm Orelikon Anti-Air Guns


Additional Pictures

super battleship arizona

super battleship arizona


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