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New Zealand’s gift ship to Britain – the politics, the technology and the debt


The story of HMS New Zealand – an Indefatigable class battlecruiser completed at New Zealand’s expense in 1912 – has been long shrouded in mythology. Reference books frequently fail to recount the actual story. Some even misquote her vital statistics, repeating Admiralty propaganda of the day. The ship was the outcome of the controversial ‘dreadnought…

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The ‘King George V’ class – better battleships than history usually admits


Britain’s King George V class battleships have often been regarded as the worst of the Second World War’s new-generation battleships. It’s unwarranted criticism, though perhaps understandable. By popular measure, their ten Mk VII 14-inch/45 calibre guns firing a 1590 lb shell gave them less hitting power than other new battleships of the day. They had…

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The Greatest Heavy Cruiser you Never Heard Of


Determining what would have been the greatest heavy cruiser would be a challenging task. Very successful designs were put to sea by a variety of nations. However, there was one cruiser that was born from all cruisers before it. This class of warship took the lessons from World War 2 and was designed around them.…

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Is there room for twenty-first century battleships?


Is there room for battleships now? It’s a question that has never really gone away and, as world tensions rise into the twenty-first century, is likely to be asked again. The issue that killed battleships in the 1940s was practicality: aircraft had better range than heavy guns – and battleships were expensive to build and…

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What Are Saturation Missile Attacks?

Recently, the tensions with Russia, China, and North Korea have led to an increase in the use of the phrase, “saturation missile attacks” or just “saturation attacks.” What are saturation missile attacks? Turns out they are nothing new, but the media isn’t going to tell you this because scary sounding words sell more papers. Today,…

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Yamato vs. Iowa: Putting the Debate to Rest

VS. Yamato vs. Iowa. The debate that has raged on for years. No topic has divided naval history lovers more than this. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the biggest war machines ever created would generate the biggest arguments. However, its time to put that argument down once and for all. Being no stranger…

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Magellan Class Destroyer (1945)

My design for a Destroyer from the late Second World War. Called, the Magellan class, I based it on the German Zestorer 1945.   Magellan Class Destroyer Length – 400′ Beam – 40′ Draft – 14′ Displacement – 2700 tons Speed – 35 knots Armament: x8 5″ guns x4 55mm AA guns x24 20mm AA…

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Alaska Class: America’s (Not Quite) Battlecruisers

  This class of cruiser is perhaps one of the more confusing ships ever put to sea by the United States. Designed to prowl the oceans and hunt down enemy commerce raiders, they possessed high speed and considerable firepower. Vastly more powerfully than typical cruisers and at a disadvantage against battleships, the classification of these ships has divided…

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