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Sometimes, it feels that history has been on the decline. Whether  by political correctness or a need to fit a narrative, the simple act of discussing history is becoming increasingly difficult. We set out with a simple goal to create a website that focuses solely on naval history. A place where it can be examined and discussed. So in January of 2017, Navy General Board was created.

This is a website solely devoted to naval study. Ancient maritime history and current naval events. Sailing ships and gigantic iron dreadnoughts. If it is naval related, you can find it here.

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Recent Articles

Here are the most recently published articles. We have a small team of authors from around the world that regularly contribute their work. In addition, several guest authors are kind enough to share their work. Read through them at your leisure. Don't forget to leave a comment on the articles that you like! If you would like to contribute your own article, check out the guest writers section to get started!

Magellan Class Destroyer (1945)

By Chris Knupp | 04/09/2017
magellan class

My design for a Destroyer from the late Second World War. Called, the Magellan class, I based it on the German Zestorer 1945.   Magellan Class Destroyer Length – 400′ Beam – 40′ Draft – 14′ Displacement – 2700 tons Speed – 35 knots Armament: x8 5″ guns x4 55mm AA guns x24 20mm AA…

Alaska Class: America’s Not Quite Battlecruisers

By Chris Knupp | 04/08/2017
america's not quite battlecruisers

The Alaska class, America’s not quite battlecruisers are interesting ships. This class of cruiser is perhaps one of the more confusing ships ever put to sea by the United States. Designed to prowl the oceans and hunt down enemy commerce raiders, they possessed high speed and considerable firepower. Vastly more powerfully than typical cruisers and at a disadvantage…

Iowa Class Battlecruisers? Were America’s most Powerful Dreadnaughts actually Battlecruisers?

By Chris Knupp | 03/06/2017
iowa class battlecruisers

Iowa Class Battlecruisers? Were America’s most Powerful Dreadnaughts actually Battlecruisers? By: Chris Knupp On the surface, history can appear a rigid, unmoving thing. That once something is historically established, it remains that way forever. However, the truth of the matter is that history is largely pliable. The more blurry facts can be easily be bent…

How Effective are modern Naval Missiles?

By Chris Knupp | 02/24/2017
how effective are modern naval missiles

NGB is proud to present a new article written by our very own JohnPJones! Look forward to more excellent posts by him in the future!   How Effective are modern Naval Missiles? By: JohnPJones     First I would like to thank the moderator for agreeing to publish this article on his site. Secondly, this article…

The Decline of the Cruiser Warship

By Chris Knupp | 02/05/2017
decline of the cruiser

During the Second World War, the difference between a Cruiser and Destroyer was well defined. Destroyers were fast agile ships that relied on torpedoes and small caliber naval guns. Destroyers often displaced only a few thousand tons at their heaviest. Cruisers were larger, with heavier armor and armaments. They relied primarily on mid caliber guns…

3 Myths about the Montana Class Battleships

By Chris Knupp | 01/30/2017
3 myths about the montana class battleships

America’s super battleship that never was. The Montana class would have surpassed anything before it in the US and most of the World. Inspite of, or perhaps because of, this ship is surrounded by many myths. Today I look at 3 Myths about the Montana Class Battleships and set the record straight. Myth #1: The Montana…

The Iowa Class: A Departure from Traditional US Battleship Design

By Chris Knupp | 01/22/2017
departure from traditional us battleship design

The four vessels of the Iowa class were the last battleships put to sea by the United States. In many ways they incorporated all of the lessons learned by the US Navy throughout the dreadnaught age. They were powerfully armed, decently armored, and very fast. It is no doubt due to their excellent design that…

Super Battleship Arizona : A “what if” Model

By Chris Knupp | 01/19/2017
super battleship arizona

The super battleship Arizona , My first major design. I have come a long way since then, both in detail and in the sense of realism. This was simply a “what if” design. The what if being that the US navy decided to drink the Yamato punch and make a battleship of enormously huge proportions. Basically,…

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